Rain Storm

Everybody likes to sleep to a good storm and we recorded an amazing rain storm with thunder, wind, and rain.  We created a perfect loop for White Noise and White Noise Lite that can downloaded for free and also published a full 10 minute track available as MP3 download on all music stores.


Download to White Noiseapple-itunes amazongoogle-play

Download to White Noise for free or purchase the mp3 on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

10 thoughts on “Rain Storm

  1. Love it!! Reminds me of when you were a kid and it started raining. I like what sounds like the rain hitting cement. Well done!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is perfect! I love when it storms at night, as long as it’s not too rough. This’ll be perfect for when I can’t sleep.

  3. Hi all,

    This is one of my favorite apps and one I always recommend to people. Thank you for your continued support of it!

    Unfortunately this sound and the water distiller are not downloading for me? The error reads that the app is unable to unpack from archive?

    All of the other recent sounds work – I particularly like cocktail party.

    Thank you so much for your great software.

  4. Love this sound and I just love this app! I usually have a lot of problems falling asleep (can lie awake for hours usually even if im tired…) But this app has helped me a lot and i want to give a big thank you for helping people like me getting to sleep faster. Keep up the great work!

  5. This is my favorite rain sound!!! I downloaded this and a couple other sounds first, I love this one. This one has a lot less thunder and loud rain. I like it because it’s mostly just soft rain(at least that’s what I hear!)and to me it’s a very gentle noise. Next, can we get a horse neighing, please.

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  7. Very nice. I mix this with Blowing Wind to fall asleep at night. The thunder is more subdued than in the Rain Storm sound that came with White Noise app.

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